Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Catch 2

'Music Catch 2' is a simple game at heart, music plays and the musical notes float on and then off your screen, the aim is to catch the music (duh). There is a combo multiplier that will increase every time you catch a yellow note and half every time you catch a red note. This time round they have added more songs and the ability to play songs at a designated url of your choice, meaning that if their is a song you love, find it on the net and add the link (must end in .mp3) to begin playing the game. This feature does have to be unlocked which is a great move on their part.

The graphics look and feel right for the game and the songs that they choice are great (and soothing).

I personally am not a fan of Music Catch 2, the average gamer out there however, does not seem to agree with me on that as every site I looked at had Music Catch 2 featured and with a high rating. I am going to give this a 3.8/5 as the game play and art direction is very good it just however did not appeal to me and I couldn't even be bothered to play to the end of the second level.

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