Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Money with Flash Games

Everyone wants to make an extra buck here or there, why not try doing it with flash games. If you know how to program or even if you don’t you can make some money with flash games.

1 - Making a game and getting it sponsored

Getting a good game sponsored can get you anywhere from $25-$100 up to $500-$1000. More often than not you hear about cases of people earning thousands upon thousands of dollars for exclusive rights to your game.

2- Making a game and putting Mochi-Ads in it

Mochi-Ads is a very successful advertising agency that places ads in your game and each time it is viewed you get a % of the revenue. I was looking through the forum at Mochi-ads and was hearing stories of how people make $30-40 a day, 40 x 365 = 14600, that’s theoretically $14600 a year. Whats even better is that that income is residual it keeps growing.

3- Creating a Portal

A portal is a place where you put and get other people to put games on your website. The great thing about this is you don’t have to make any games, you just upload someone elses game and start watching the views go up. You can sell ad revenue on your portal, and when combined with Mochi-Ads publisher feature (10% of the revenue goes to you) it can come in very handy.

4- Revenue sharing websites

A revenue sharing website such as kongregate splits the money they make when people play your game up to 50% with you. I am not sure of the exact figures here but I did overhear that kongregates CPM can get as high as $10-11 which they then split in half with you. Only 2 500 views to make $25 is very easy just imagine how much games that are getting 8-9 million views earn soley on kongregate.

5- Selling extra content in-game

A very difficult but a very good way of making some extra cash on your games. The basic idea behind this is to have an excellent game and try and sell an extra feature e.g. bonus levels, different game-play modes etc.

I will be going into greater detail in the not do distant future with the following money making ways.


  1. This is very handy, thanks.
    A note on kongregates CPM
    - I have 8,325 views
    12,548 ad impressions
    $45.21 total earnings
    41% share
    $18.45 goes to me
    Just to show some actual stats

  2. Hey thanks a lot for that. I really appreciate the help there. When I get around to the revenue sharing section I will add those.

    Thanks Again