Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mochi-Ads in your game

This is number 2 in my 5 ways to ways to make money with flash games series you can view the others from here.

MochiAds is a fantastic site that adds in-game ads into your games. You get paid per view of the add or impression at a rate of 50% which is a very generous cut. MochiAds also has some great little programs that help you with tracking your games stats. If you add your game to MochiAds they will help distribute it as well which will get you even more money.

If your game gets sponsored but you get to keep the rights for advertising, you can make a lot of extra residual income from MochiAds. So much that in some cases I have heard about is the developer has made more money from Mochi than sponsors.

One extra feature from MochiAds is the 'Traffic Sharing" program which lets you place your own ad and put it into the system. Your ad gets more views the more popular your game is. I was looking through the forums there and some people have got 6-7 thousand clicks, all for free and you can link that ad back into your games so you get even more money.

If you have a website you can join the publisher section as well which gets you 10% of the income, I will add more to this when we get to creating flash games portal/website.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flash Game Sponsorship

This is the number 1 way to get money by making flash games you can view the other 4 here.

Getting your flash game sponsored is by far the best way to make some money for your game. There are numerous ways to do this the best of which is by submitting your game to Flash Game License. I will not go into great detail about 'FGL'. In a nut shell FGL offers a great service for free, it allow developers to submit their games to a safe site where they can get sponsors too look at it comment, and bid on it. If your game gets sponsored you can choose to donate a little bit to FGL but other than that the money is all yours. There are other ways of getting sponsors but going to FGL is by far the best.

There are normally only to types of sponsorship.

The first is where the sponsor buys all rights to your game, this is called an exclusive sponsorship.This is where all the big money is made, anywhere from $500 - $5000 sometimes up to $10 000 can be made for an exclusive sponsorship. Exclusive sponsorships normally include the sponsor buying most of the rights to your game. You have to put there logo on there, and give them the game, all money from anywhere else is theirs to keep as well, sometimes your name will not appear as author only the sponsors.
  • Lots of money
  • More traffic
  • Lots of money
  • Sponsors can request more games
  • No control over distribution
  • No residual income
  • No 3rd party ads
Non-exclusive or Primary
Non-exclusive or primary sponsorship involve having your game sponsored as usual however, you get a lot more control over the distribution, ads, and you get to keep the residual income. The primary sponsorship prices are a lot lower and you will on average only get between $50 - $100 and the most that people earn is between $800-$900.
  • You have more control
  • Residual income
  • Quick cash
  • In-game ads
  • Less money
  • Far less money
  • You may not make that much extra money
Well thats that. I will have my next blog about Mochi-Ads soon...

Making Money with Flash Games

Everyone wants to make an extra buck here or there, why not try doing it with flash games. If you know how to program or even if you don’t you can make some money with flash games.

1 - Making a game and getting it sponsored

Getting a good game sponsored can get you anywhere from $25-$100 up to $500-$1000. More often than not you hear about cases of people earning thousands upon thousands of dollars for exclusive rights to your game.

2- Making a game and putting Mochi-Ads in it

Mochi-Ads is a very successful advertising agency that places ads in your game and each time it is viewed you get a % of the revenue. I was looking through the forum at Mochi-ads and was hearing stories of how people make $30-40 a day, 40 x 365 = 14600, that’s theoretically $14600 a year. Whats even better is that that income is residual it keeps growing.

3- Creating a Portal

A portal is a place where you put and get other people to put games on your website. The great thing about this is you don’t have to make any games, you just upload someone elses game and start watching the views go up. You can sell ad revenue on your portal, and when combined with Mochi-Ads publisher feature (10% of the revenue goes to you) it can come in very handy.

4- Revenue sharing websites

A revenue sharing website such as kongregate splits the money they make when people play your game up to 50% with you. I am not sure of the exact figures here but I did overhear that kongregates CPM can get as high as $10-11 which they then split in half with you. Only 2 500 views to make $25 is very easy just imagine how much games that are getting 8-9 million views earn soley on kongregate.

5- Selling extra content in-game

A very difficult but a very good way of making some extra cash on your games. The basic idea behind this is to have an excellent game and try and sell an extra feature e.g. bonus levels, different game-play modes etc.

I will be going into greater detail in the not do distant future with the following money making ways.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Catch 2

'Music Catch 2' is a simple game at heart, music plays and the musical notes float on and then off your screen, the aim is to catch the music (duh). There is a combo multiplier that will increase every time you catch a yellow note and half every time you catch a red note. This time round they have added more songs and the ability to play songs at a designated url of your choice, meaning that if their is a song you love, find it on the net and add the link (must end in .mp3) to begin playing the game. This feature does have to be unlocked which is a great move on their part.

The graphics look and feel right for the game and the songs that they choice are great (and soothing).

I personally am not a fan of Music Catch 2, the average gamer out there however, does not seem to agree with me on that as every site I looked at had Music Catch 2 featured and with a high rating. I am going to give this a 3.8/5 as the game play and art direction is very good it just however did not appeal to me and I couldn't even be bothered to play to the end of the second level.


I have decided to make a post that will be updated every time I rate a game. This is to make it easy to find all of the games in order of highest to lowest rating.
Portal Defenders
Bloody Fun Day 3.5/5
Music Catch 2 3.8/5

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Portal Defenders

I highly recommend playing this game, it is an extremely good take on a smash 'em up game. This is a game made for Newgrounds, it has Newgrounds logo's everywhere and you can even play as some of the Newgrounds staff and the creator of Newgrounds, Tom Fulp.

The aim of the game is to defend portals with your wooden spoon sorting through "spam" which will appear in the form of kitten men, thugs etc. This is probably one of the best games that has game out in the last couple of weeks, as I said before i highly recommend playing this game. If you are having trouble with the game click on the in-game walkthrough.

I am giving the game a 4.5/5. It was and still is a great play.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bloody Fun Day

What would Death himself do if he were surrounded by ultra-cute critters?
That is the question that has been boggling our minds for centuries, well finally that has been answered by 'urbansquall' in their flash game 'Bloody Fun Day'.

The game is a new take on some old puzzle based games and can be said to be similar to a bejeweled type of game. In the game you control death, use your scythe to kill the 'cuties' as you can see the picture on the left there are 4 different colored 'cuties' red gives you health or more turns and the other colors give you special powers. You can only move one tile in 6 directions per turn the aim is to survive for as long as you can and get the highest score.

The game play is overall good, however, it is a very repetitive game that after a short while you lose interest in, you will end up just randomly clicking on the closest tile not really caring about whether or not you survive. The game has been given a lot of positive reviews on other sites, a 4.08/5 on kongregate and a 4.26/5 on newgrounds. Don't get me wrong the game is good and i recommend playing it I just dont think it deserves much higher than a 3 or 3.5, that is why i have decided to give the game a 3.5/5.

Overall the game is a good new take on an old idea.

you can play it here at newgrounds.